New 2020 Map!

The Kayaker’s Companion to
Glacier Bay: Annotated Chart

by David Bahr

A kayaker's best friend for Glacier Bay, AK

This incredibly detailed, waterproof, and tear-resistant nautical chart covers all of Glacier Bay, showing over 256 campsites, reliable water sources, Park Service pickup and drop-off locations, notable hazards, tidal cut depths, non-motorized wilderness waters, and more.

The map includes new shorelines created by receding glaciers, new tidal flats, updated glacier positions, recent wildlife closures, and important corrections to errors on other maps and charts.

For ease of use, each campsite is keyed to the corresponding chapter and campsite number in The Kayaker's Companion to Glacier Bay, Volumes 1, 2, and 3. For fun, the map includes many science and history tidbits that range from original Huna Tlingit names to massive climate-change landslides.

This waterproof map is ideal for sea kayakers. It includes the best data from NOAA's nautical chart, to which I've added over 2,000 new features, corrections, updates, rip tide locations, and other key info for paddlers.


  • Waterproof
  • Tear resistant
  • Large size: 36 inches by 24.7 inches
  • Scale: 1:100,000
  • Copyright: 2020


  • $30.00
  • Shipping: $5.75
  • Domestic shipping only. Please inquire for international.


For kayakers and map lovers both

Created by Glacier Bay National Park's
first artist in residence


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The Kayaker's Companion to Glacier Bay: Annotated Chart

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Beardslee Island Detail