About Dave

Quick facts

I am an award winning artist focusing on both nature and mixed-media photography. My artwork is frequently seen in major museums such as the Smithsonian and can also be found in national parks and in notable galleries such as The Dairy Center, Rembrandt Yard, and Hartman. My art has been highlighted in many magazines and popular calendars including Nature’s Best Photography, the National Wildlife Federation, and Defenders of Wildlife. I have been the Artist in Residence at Glacier Bay National Park, received a Windland Smith Rice International Photography Award, been the Boulder County Open Space Artist in Residence at Caribou Ranch, etc. Following degrees from Harvard and the University of Colorado, I moved to the mountains west of Boulder where I happily photograph when not making extended and frequent stays in Alaska, Namibia, and other wilderness heavens.

A few random details

  • My formal training? Music (Interlochen), theoretical math (Harvard), and geophysics (University of Colorado). Informal training? Hard knocks, stand in the rain and fog, freeze your fingers in the arctic, dunk-your-camera-in-the-water kind of training.(Twice. Geez. You'd think I'd learn.)

  • I'm a pianist of sorts: jazz and classical.

  • I'm affiliate faculty at the University of Colorado, and for many years was a tenured "Chair of the Department" at another university, a thankless bureaucratic nightmare from which I've escaped back into the wilds to focus full time on art rather than paperwork.

  • I've skied across Greenland, spent a summer on the Agassiz Ice Cap (Ellesmere Island near the North Pole), and accumulated waaaay too much time (months) living in a tent on the Worthington Glacier near Valdez, Alaska. What can I say, I like snow.

  • I'm a former extreme skier. Yeah, I was only stupid for a few years, but I used to drop the gnarliest couloirs I could find. Got hurt. Very hard on the body. Don't recommend it.

  • Contributing author to the IPCC (United Nations) 5th Assessment Report.

  • I'm happiest when traveling inaccessible corners of the globe where cell towers don't exist. This is why I'm hard to reach sometimes. Keep trying. I come back after a month or so, usually.

Dave at work in the Caribbean
Dave at work in the Caribbean. (Photo: Michelle Miller)
Some Awards, Etc.
2014-2016 Artwork on display in Smithsonian
2014-2015 Artwork in Anchorage Museum, AK
2015 Defenders of Wildlife, honorable mention
2014 Defenders of Wildlife, honorable mention
2013 Artist in Residence, Glacier Bay National Park
2013-2014 Artist in Res., Boulder County Open Space
2012 Artwork on display in Smithsonian, Wash. DC.
2011 Windland Smith Rice Int'l Photography Award
2011 Apogee Award
2011-2016 Juried into Boulder Open Studios
2010 Defenders of Wildlife Photo Contest Winner
2010-2019 Solo and group exhibitions in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, The Dairy Center, Rembrandt Yard, Hartman Gallery, The Canvas Gallery, Sitka National Historical Park, Anchorage Museum, Morris Thompson Cultural Center, Tongass Historical Museum, Boulder County Courthouse, Glacier Bay National Park, and many additional venues.
Eagle in the Smithsonian
Eagle by David Bahr in the Smithsonian Museum, DC. (Photo: Charles Bahr, 2015)
Example in Rembrandt Gallery.
Tequila Sunrise, 40 by 60 inches, at the Rembrandt Gallery, Boulder. From my Grass Portfolio.