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Glacier Bay Updates

Please see my Glacier Bay guidebook and annotated chart for details on trip preparation, campsites, and more. The following covers only recent changes and specific events, such as the annually-released tour boat drop-off schedule.

New 2023 Info

The park has returned (mostly) to its pre-Covid orientation procedures, as described in the book.

  • Orientation is once again "in person," but you can save a little time by filling out your backcountry permit in advance. See details on the park's kayaking page.

  • The required orientations happen at 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Unfortunately for late afternoon arrivals, there is no longer an evening orientation.

  • A Bartlett Cove Campground permit cannot be filed in advance.

Daily Tour Boat drop-offs are scheduled for 2023 as follows.

  • May 27 - July 15: Mt. Wright and Scidmore.

  • July 16 - Sept 4: Sebree Island and Blue Mouse Cove except Tuesdays when Blue Mouse switches to Ptarmigan Creek.

  • See Volume 1 for details on pickups and drop-offs.