New Book!

The Kayaker’s Companion to
Glacier Bay

by David Bahr

The essential guide to Glacier Bay Nat'l Park

This beautiful three-volume guide covers every inlet of Glacier Bay’s spectacular 760-mile-long wilderness coast. Find practical paddling logistics, campsites, extensive maps, and vital tips for dealing with 25-foot tides, brown bears, and icebergs. Ample photography helps each visitor locate stunning glaciers, emerald rainforests, and unsurpassed wildlife. While reading in the tent, dive into Muir’s “glacier gospel,” discover Huna Tlingit history, and learn how to spot the mythical Silent City, a mirage that swirled around Victorian-era steamships. Unearth fossils transplanted from Siberia, find glaciers that slipped on metaphorical banana peels, hunt “monstars,” and revel in the science of whale’s earwax, suck muck, blue bears, and more.

Over 325 photographs from my artwork collection!

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For kayakers and art lovers both

Photographed by the park's
first artist in residence

Written by a glaciologist