Footprints on Flower Petal Dunes

About the Foootprints Portfolio

In this artwork, subtle footpaths wind over and around surreal-colored dunes and meadows, like the footprints of a lost soul stumbling through the high-noon desert or along a multi-hued dreamscape. But in this case, each tiny footprint is a plant cell on a colorful flower petal or leaf. By carefully choosing the focus, I have selected a line of cells that appears to move up, down, and around hills and obstacles. Each tiny fold in a flower petal creates a mountain over which the trail ascends.

As you might expect, this work involves holding my breath and waiting for complete calm. Any winds or even the slight purring of a nearby refrigerator can make the petals vibrate and lose focus. Although the images are extreme close-ups, the photographs in this portfolio are achieved with traditional lenses rather than microscopes. The high resolution of a medium-format camera helps to capture the subtle structures.

You can view the photographs at Footprints on Flower Petal Dunes or from the menu on the left.

Lizard Tracks.
Footprints on Flower
Petal Dunes.