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Boulder County Artist-in-Residence, at Caribou Ranch July 28 - Aug 1, 2014

If you are hiking at the gorgeous Caribou Ranch Open Space, stop by and say hello. I'll be staying in the historic DeLonde Barn and doing artwork on the premises for the week of July 28 - Aug 1, 2014. It's part of the Boulder County Artist-in-Residence program, and I'm excited to be staying at my favorite Boulder County Open Space property. If you haven't visited Caribou Ranch, it has beautiful hiking trails, aspen groves, mountain meadows, waterfalls, historic mining structures, and of course, the historic barn (my temporary home!) and ranch house featured in the Bing Crosby and Slim Pickens movie "Stagecoach." Hope to see you!

Voices of the Wilderness exhibit at The Canvas Gallery, Juneau, AK, June, 2014.

Stop by and look at a beautiful collection of paintings and photographs from artists who have been inspired by and spent extensive time in the Alaskan wilderness. My work is a photograph selected by the National Park Service showing the beautiful blue waters and lupines of the Glacier Bay Wilderness Area. I spent a month kayaking this wilderness and photographing the amazing landscape, wildlife and abstract pattermns in the glaciers and icebergs. My photograph of an eagle going on display in the Smithsonian in September is from this same collection.

Louisville National Juried Photography Show, May 31 - June 8, 2014

Drop by and see my artwork at this wonderful show in downtown Louisville. There is a lot of superb photography in this exhibit, and I'm pleased that the jury selected one of my limited edition abstracts. The Louisville Center for the Arts is located at 801 Grant Avenue (it's easier to park a block south on Spruce Street).

Fall Colors No. 1

Wilderness Forever exhibit at Smithsonian, September 2014!

I'm excited to have another photograph going on display in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History! A 40 by 30 inch print of the eagle and salmon shown below will be part the show Wilderness Forever. The exhibit opens September 2014 and celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act. This show is a perfect match for me -- there is nothing that I like to celebrate more than wilderness!

Eagle and Salmon

Voices of the Wilderness exhibit at Sitka National Historic Park. March, 2014.

As an artistic celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act, I'm excited to be part of a traveling exhibition that starts at the Sitka National Historic Park and finishes at the Anchorage Museum almost a year later. If you happen to be in Sitka this March, stop by the National Park Visitor Center and take a look! The photographs and paintings were all inspired by extended trips into the wilderness sponsored by the Voices of the Wilderness Artist in Residence program. Stay tuned as the show travels throughout the state (Fairbanks, Juneau, Homer...).

Open Studios, 12:00-6:00 pm on the weekends of October 5-6 and 12-13

I look forward to seeing you at Open Studios! I'll be in Boulder this year at the corner of Canyon and 28th on the southwest side. The epic flood has damaged the roads to my place in the mountains, but Tebo Development has kindly let a group of artists share some retail space for the duration of the show. All of the Magnolia Road artists will be there. Save the date on your calendar!

I will have a collection of my popular abstracts as well as some pieces from my time as Artist in Residence at Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. With luck, there will be room for some recent photographs of beautiful Buddhist Wats in Thailand.

Flood ad

Open Studios, 12:00-6:00 pm on the weekends of October 5-6 and 12-13


Come visit my studio! I'm excited to have been selected for Boulder Open Studios again in 2013, and I'll have over 40 new works on display. In addition to new artwork from Thailand, I will have many new photographs from my time as Artist in Residence at Glacier Bay National Park and Artist in Residence at Boulder County's Caribou Ranch. My new artwork includes the Front Range of Colorado as well as 8 national parks, 5 countries, and a collection of vivid abstract studies.

Save the date on your calendar: 12:00-6:00pm, Oct 5-6 and 12-13. Drive up beautiful Magnolia to see the stunning fall colors as well as some artwork! 

I am Studio #9... Find your way up Magnolia out of Boulder Canyon and then follow the signs to Studio #9. And don't forget to visit the four other wonderful artists who are within just a couple of miles, all in the gorgeous mountains on Magnolia. More info on the Magnolia Artists.


Glacier Bay National Park, Artist in Residence, Summer 2013

I've been selected as the Artist in Residence for Glacier Bay National Park. I'll be spending some time this summer on patrol with a ranger, both helping out and photographing the landscape. Going to be loads of fun, and I'm looking forward to sharing the photos! Eventually the artwork will be on display as part of a traveling exhibit in Alaska commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act in 2014.

Artist in Residence, Boulder County Open Space, Sept 2013

I've also been selected as an Artist Residence for Boulder County Open Space. I'll be spending nights at Caribou Ranch in late September (for a week starting around the 19th). Come visit, and I'll be happy to show you what I'm doing and give tips about how to get the best from your fall color photographs.

If you haven't been, Caribou Ranch is a stunning piece of Open Space property northwest of Nederland in the mountains. The pretty trail winds through gorgeous aspen, mountain meadows, streams, and the historic Bluebird Mine, once a whistle stop on the historic Switzerland Trail.

Images from Thailand

After a fantastic self-supported cycling trip with my wife, I've put together a few of my favorite images from Northern Thailand. Wats, school children, and rice paddies. Many more photos to come, but in the mean time, you can read about the adventure in Cycling Thailand.

Boulder's Dairy Center "Land Through The Lens", March-April 2013

In celebration of the National Month of Photography, the Dairy Center for the Arts is hosting several exhibitions including "Land Through the Lens", featuring photographs of  Boulder County Open Space by selected artists. I have a photograph of Reynold's Ranch on display. Opening night is March 8, 4-7pm and the show runs througg April 19th. See

It's here! Open Studios, Oct 6-7 and Oct 13-14, 12:00-6:00 pm

I am pleased to have been accepted into Open Studios again, and I hope you can swing by to take a look at my latest work. It's free and it's a great chance to see a wide selection of my art. I'll have a number of crowd favorites on display as well as selections from four different portfolios: Nature, Abstractions in Form and Color, Storied Abstracts, and my fictional Family Portraits series.

Open Studios is a big annual event in the Boulder area, and among the many participants, four other artists are within a short drive of my studio (click here more info on each). With each of the other artists, I also have a piece on display in the Boulder Public Library gallery through October 14. 

If you need directions, send me an email, Or just drive up to Magnolia Road and follow the small yellow signs that begin when the pavement ends. I am studio #93. I look forward to seeing you up in the mountain foothills during the peak of the aspen colors!

Preparing for Open Studios, October 6-7 and 13-14, 2012

I'm pleased to have been juried into Open Studios again, so I'm busy framing and hanging art.  I've completed some special requests, but if you would like to see something in particular on the walls, I may have room for a few more.  Contact me if you have a request.  This year I'll be showing a combination of my nature photographs, some of my best sellers, and some artistic pieces including the expressionistic/surrealistic portrait of "Uncle Bob" (see below).  Hope you can make it!



Guest Lecture at the Flatirons Photo Club, June 14, 2012

Gave a guest lecture last night at the Flatirons Photo Club. I found the quality of their artwork to be excellent, and it was a fun evening with much to say on both sides of the podium.  For my part, I discussed the split personality in my work (both abstracts and traditional nature photography), and how it is fun but challenging to find common ground between popular artworks and cutting edge contemporary art. 



Smithsonian: Nature's Best Photography Exhibit through January 6, 2013

I just returned from the Smithsonian, and the gallery looks fantastic with many wonderful photographs. If you have an opportunity, the exhibit is on the second floor near the Hope Diamond, right at the main entrance. My image of the Four Mile Canyon fire is near the back.


Gallery Opening Thursday March 8, 5:30-7:30 through May 10, 2012

I hope you can join me for the opening of my new show at the Rembrandt Yard in Boulder, featuring artwork by Bill Border, Cathy Woods, and myself. Admission is free and all are welcome. Thursday March 8, 5:30 - 7:30 pm, Rembrandt Yard, 1301 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO.

 Gallery Opening


Film: No Water to Waste

A number of my photographs are featured in the new documentary No Water to Waste by Gabrielle Louise and Chris Garr. The film is a great discussion about the proposed expansion of Gross Reservoir, an environmental disaster that's being driven by developer's greed and wasteful water practices in the Denver metro area. Also see my book An Unnecessary Expansion for more information.


Photo On Display In Smithsonian -- Recipient of a 2011 Windland Smith Rice International Award

I have been awarded a 2011 Windland Smith Rice International Award for my photograph of the Four Mile Canyon Fire (September 2010).  This photo will be on display in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington DC in 2012.

Forest Fire


Book:  An Unnecessary Expansion

Inspired by a request for photographs from a Boulder County commissioner, I wrote this 40-page soft-cover coffee table book to benefit the fight against Gross Reservoir. Rather than conserving precious and limited water resources, Denver hopes to continue wasting water by expanding the reservoir and damaging a beautiful part of Colorado where I take many of my photographs. This book highlights some of the plants, wildlife, and landscapes that will suffer at the hands of Denver's wasteful, hugely expensive, and unnecessary plan.

Please consider buying a copy and handing it to a policy maker or media outlet that can help us fight this environmental disaster. See An Unnecessary Expansion for more information.

Front cover of An Unneccesary Expansion


Open Studios, October 1-2 and 8-9, 2011. You are welcome noon to 6pm each day.

It's nearly time for Open Studios!  My photographs have been juried into the 2011 Fall Tour in Boulder County, and I will have a variety of landscapes, black and whites, and abstracts on display.  Out of the many fine artists participating, I am one of seven located in the gorgeous mountain foothills of Magnolia Drive, so you can see a variety of wonderful artwork and rural mountain scenery in one visit.  See this link for more details!

With each of the other artists, I also have a piece on display in the Boulder Public Library gallery throughout September. 

If you need directions, send me an email,  Or just drive up to Magnolia Road and follow the small yellow signs that begin when the pavement ends.  I look forward to seeing you up in the mountain foothills during the peak of the aspen colors!

First Snow First Snow



Apogee, Spring 2011

One of my photos (First Snow) was selected by the editors as a winner to appear in the 2011 Regis publication Apogee.  This bound volume highlights top work by Regis faculty and students during the previous year.  Many thanks to the editors.



Showings at North Boulder and Coal Creek PT, April - June 30, 2011

Four of my favorite seascapes are on display at the North Boulder Physical Therapy clinic, and five of my favorite "Intimate Botanicals" series are on display at the Coal Creek PT.  Drop by either clinic for a look!  I am told that seeing the color and detail of these prints brings the photographs alive in a way that cannot be conveyed on a monitor. 

North Boulder PT: 3000 Center Green, NW corner of Valmont and Foothills, Boulder CO.  Coal Creek PT: 315 South Boulder Road, Louisville, CO.

Thank you to Debra Layne and the Boulder Arts Association for arranging these venues.




Costa Rica, February and March 2011

Had an amazing trip to the little-known Osa Peninsula on Costa Rica.  Wild, remote, and filled with deserted beaches that can only be reached by 20 kilometer hikes.  I've uploaded a number of photos and will post more with time.  Read about the adventure and see some of the photos...

 Sunrise  Coati  Palms on beach  Sunrise  Kissing scarlet macaws



Mats on unframed prints, January 2011

All  unframed photos (except posters) come with a free single archival mat, and backing board.  The single-matted presentation looks particularly nice as a gift and has that "purchased at an art-fair" look. 

For prints larger than 8 by 10, the mat is custom-sized to the print.  However, if you have special mat sizing needs, just let us know.

For 8 by 10 and smaller prints, the mat  is sized to fit 11 by 14 frames which are easy to find at big-box retail stores.  Just find any 11 by 14 frame, remove the (usually non-archival) mat that came with the frame, and then replace with the archival mat and photo.  Of course framed prints still come with a mat, as always. 

  Matting example from front   Matting example from side    Matting example from back



Prints from the Desert, December 2010

I have added a number of new prints of the desert southwest, including Great Sand Dunes National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Capitol Reef National Park.  These photos were taken throughout the fall of 2010.

Hickman Land Bridge.



Intimate Botanicals, September 2010 exhibit at the Doyle Hartman Gallery

If you're in Denver and have a chance, drop by to see my artwork.  This exhibit leans close to see botanicals from their perspective -- below, around, and within.  Dew drops and lady bugs dunked in pollen, sensuous curves of a caterpillar wrapped around a petal, vivid leaf veins and hummingbirds sipping in silhouette...

You can chat with me and view the artwork at the Opening Reception on Thursday September 2 from 4:30 - 6:30 pm.

The photographs will be on display from Thursday September 2 through September 29, 2010 in the Doyle Hartman Gallery, 2nd floor, Dayton Memorial Library located on the Regis University campus in Denver.

Poster for David Bahr's Doyle Hartman 2010 exhibit.



Back from Yellowstone and Glacier, August 2010

As wonderful on my third visit as the first...  I'm processing photos now, but as always there was abundant wildlife, vistas, and wildflowers.  Weather cooperated wonderfully in Yellowstone (foggy, moody, and great for photos), though the skies were a bit too blue and bright in Glacier.  Perhaps photographers are like Goldilocks?

Mountain goat on cliff in Glacier National Park.


Bahamas, July 2010

I had a wonderful time photographing the surreal blue waters of the Bahamas.  With almost no rivers, no development, and no corresponding erosion or runoff, the ocean is crystal clear and colored in hues of blue and lavender that defy reality.

Palm trees and elictric blue water, Bahamas.


Art showing in Cheyenne, WY, May-Aug 2010

A few of my Western-themed prints are on the walls at the Bit-o-Wyo ranch near Cheyenne, Wyoming.  They also have a collection of  my matted 8 by 10 prints.  If you are in the mood for a steak dinner, horse ride, or dude ranch experience, drop by and ask for the tour.  Each year they select and support a local artist or two.

Bighorn sheep, Popo Agie Wilderness, WY


Award winner, Defenders of Wildlife photo contest, April 2010

One of my landscapes has been selected as a winner in the 2010 national Defenders of Wildlife photo competition (selected from among 10,000 photographers). 

Two versions are available -- a signed print and a poster.

 Poster, morning fog, Indian Peaks Wilderness, Colorado. poster                   Finalist, 2010 Defenders of Wildlife photo competition  signed print


Saguaro National Park, March 2010

After a week of pouring rain in the Sonoran desert (hmm), I have added a collection of photos of the giant 30 foot saguaros.  Many of these are in black and white to emphasize the incredible shapes of these huge cacti.


Display at Brookside PT in Denver, February - August 2010

The Brookside Physical Therapy center has a number of prints on their wall.  I hope you don't need their services, but if you have PT as regularly as I do (skiing and climbing and running, oh my), be sure to check out my prints as well as those of the other artists.

Christmas cactus


Science 2009

Art and science share many of the same aesthetics -- form, function, symmetry, beauty.  Too often the standardized-exam mentality of a  high school math class can drown that sense of wonder under memorization and repetition, but anyone lucky enough to study college-level abstract algebra or topology can attest to the inherent grace and beauty.  Maybe that's why so many scientists have second careers as photographers, artists, and musicians.  And vice-versa. 

Recent 2009 science publications: