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The good:

You are welcome to download this free eBook, burn it to a disk, and send it to policy makers and media outlets who can help us stop the environmentally destructive expansion of Gross Dam. You can also send them a direct link to http://www.bahrimages.com/news/AnUnnecessaryExpansion.epub. Maybe if a dozen folks send them an email, they'll get interested.

Front cover of An Unnecessary Expansion
Front cover
You are also welcome to download a copy of the eBook for your personal use. If you would like to support my efforts to keep this eBook free, consider purchasing one of my fine art prints.

The bad:

Sadly, neither you nor I can control the image quality, resolution, and font-size of the eBook on an eReader, and I get cold sweats and nightmares about how it looks on some devices. While the marketing hype for eBooks is tremendous, the reality is that they are glorified web pages (html). That means eBooks have all the advantages of a web page (search capabilities, font resizing, etc.) as well as the big disadvantages (diminished control over layout, poor resolution, etc.). An eBook is not fine art. Not even close.

A hardcopy is far superior and has much greater visual impact. I hope you will purchase a quality hardcopy (or perhaps a really high quality fine-art print) to send to relevant policy makers and media outlets.

The details:

For more information about this book, see An Unnecessary Expansion and this list of potential recipients. My goal is to get the book into the hands of policy makers and media outlets so that they can see the gorgeous mountain environment that will be damaged by Gross Reservoir's expansion.

If you get a chance, drop me a line and let me know to whom you sent a copy of the eBook. That way I can offer online suggestions about policy makers and media outlets that have not yet received a copy.

Thanks and enjoy!


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Download free eBook version

Purchase hardcopy of book