An Unnecessary Expansion: Photographs of Lands Impacted by Denver’s Gross Reservoir

Front cover of An Unnecessary Expansion
Front cover

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This soft-cover, 40-page coffee table book shows some of the beautiful landscapes and wildlife that would be harmed by Denver’s proposed but unnecessary expansion of Gross Reservoir. Inspired by a request for photographs from a Boulder County commissioner, my hope is that these pictures will help highlight just one of the many gorgeous settings that would be damaged by the expansion.

My goal is to get the book into the hands of policy makers and media outlets so that they can see the gorgeous mountain environment that would be damaged by Gross Reservoir's expansion. Instead of dismissing the project as an abstract idea in a distant land, everyone should see what is really at stake!

The background: Denver claims that Gross Reservoir's expansion is essential, but they have a terrible record of water conservation. Despite recent gains, did you know that Denver uses more than twice as much water per capita as most cities in Europe and Australia? Did you know that low-flow shower heads are required, but new housing developments often install more than one in each bath? Did you know that by law, mountain residents cannot water their lawns because water is a limited resource, but that many Front Range communities continue to do so with impunity? Nevertheless, Denver Water wants to spend upwards of a half-billion dollars to flood, log, and permanently damage southern Boulder County while draining the Fraser River. For additional info, see, this article, and the Facebook group Stop Gross Dam.

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How to help: Please consider purchasing a copy and giving it to a policy maker or media outlet who can help us stop this environmental disaster. Possible recipients include the Boulder County Commissioners, Colorado Public Radio, Daily Camera, Denver Post, and many others. See this list of possible recipients.

Of course, you are also welcome to email or send a link to the free eBook version, but most politicians and organizations receive hundreds of emails per day. A hardcopy will have a much more dramatic impact – a book on the desk is harder to ignore (and prettier too).

If you get a chance, drop me a line and let me know to whom you gave a copy of the book. That way I can offer online suggestions about policy makers and media outlets that have not yet received a copy. You might also want to keep up the momentum and spread the word by posting your purchase (and the recipient) to your Facebook page and the Facebook group Stop Gross Dam.

Back cover of An Unnecessary Expansion
Back cover

The 8 by 10 book is $37.95* with shipping included. I do not make money off of this book, and the initial production of the book has been at personal expense. If you would like to support my efforts, consider purchasing one of my fine art prints.

Of course, you are also welcome to buy a copy of the book for your own coffee table!

Delivery from the printer usually takes 8 to 14 days.

Thanks and enjoy!

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Help spread the word! Post your purchase of the book (and the recipient) on your Facebook page and on the Facebook group Stop Gross Dam!


*My costs are $26.39 to print the book plus $7.99 for drop-shipment from the printer plus $1.37 in credit card fees (charged to me by the bank) plus $2.20 to cover my absolute bare minimum costs (sadly, it's all too easy to go broke) for a total of $37.95. I can ship my artwork anywhere, but at this time, I cannot ship the book to HI, AK or abroad without prior authorization to adjust shipping costs. Please contact me directly to purchase from outside the 48 contiguous states.

Doing a more expensive "print on demand" book was the only way to publish in under 30 days. (I know! Crazy time line, right?) A typical two-year publication process would make the effort politically irrelevant, so I hope you will forgive the higher costs for a modest 40-page book. It's for a good cause.

Ok, I'm done with the fine print now.