Enabling the cart

Thanks for browsing and purchasing a photo!

To use the cart, you will need to enable JavaScript in your browser.  JavaScript is a tool that allows dynamic content on web pages.  In particular, JavaScript allows Google Checkout to function.

If you prefer, we can accept  a credit card over the phone. Contact info


How to enable JavaScript

By default, JavaScript is turned on, so at some point this feature was disabled in your browser. If you have forgotten how to enable/disable JavaScript, try the instructions at one of these websites:


Why use Google Checkout?

In a word, "safety." I fulfill your order, but the credit card is processed by Google. I never see your credit card number (nor do I really want to see it), so your card and identity are kept entirely safe.

If you are using Google Checkout for the first time, you only have to fill out a single page of information once to make your first purchase. After that, you just need to enter your Google Checkout login to make additional purchases at any store that uses Google Checkout. There is no need to re-enter your purchase information or create multiple usernames and passwords each time you buy.